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Private Infant Adoption

Building a family is one of life’s greatest joys.  At DePelchin, our adoption team help couples and individuals experience the joy of building a family by guiding them along the path to adoption.  Through our private infant adoption program, we support those desiring to open their home and family to a child for whom an adoption plan was made.

Program Update:  We have recently had a large volume of adoptive families pursuing the Infant Adoption Program and have made the decision to close the application process at this time.  For those who are interested in pursuing the Infant Adoption Program in the future, please check back on the program’s status in the summer of 2018.

Children in Need of Adoption

DePelchin is in need of loving families open to adopting infants between the ages of 0-2 who are members of diverse racial and ethnic groups. We are also in need of families open to adopting infants with special needs, including physical or health problems, developmental delays or possible prenatal drug and/or alcohol exposure.

Private Infant Adoption Fees

DePelchin charges a sliding-scale fee to facilitate the adoption of an infant who is not in the custody of the State of Texas (Child Protective Services). Initial service fees may be paid online or by check or cash upon submission of completed private infant adoption application. 

Please note: DePelchin is only able to facilitate private infant adoptions (non-CPS) for adoptive parents currently residing in Greater Houston and its surrounding areas.  We currently do not facilitate private infant adoptions (non-CPS) for individuals or couples living abroad or outside the Greater Houston area, even for those who have "primary" or "permanent" residence in Houston.

Support after Adoption

DePelchin recognizes that adoption is a lifelong commitment, and we are here to support adoptive families every step of the way.  Our infant adoption program offers experienced staff and provides confidentiality unless all parties agree upon an open adoption.  We also offer a range of post-adoption services for families, including individual and group counseling, adoption support groups and parent education resources.

Contact Us

For more information about our private infant adoption program, contact us at or (713) 558-3844.