DePelchin's Services | Mental Health, Foster Care, Adoption

DePelchin Children’s Center is committed to meeting the needs of children as one of the largest providers of mental health, foster care and adoption services in Texas. Through its clinical expertise and special brand of caring, DePelchin turns lives around, providing a full continuum of care including psychiatric services, counseling, residential treatment, programs for at-risk youths, parent education, foster care and adoption.

DePelchin’s services include:

Mental Health

Through its expert team of psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors, DePelchin provides comprehensive mental health services for a broad range of behavioral and emotional issues.  

Foster Care

DePelchin partners with couples and individuals wanting to provide foster care for children removed from their birth families because of abuse, neglect or abandonment.  


DePelchin supports couples and individuals wanting to adopt children who are in the custody of Child Protective Services and need a permanent, loving home.  

Post Adoption

DePelchin offers post-adoption support to adoptees, birth parents and adoptive families. 

Parent Education

DePelchin offers parent education to help parents build and maintain healthy relationships with their children and work through family challenges such as conflict and divorce. 

Early Intervention

DePelchin’s early intervention services work to strengthen and support children and families while decreasing the future need for more intensive services. 

Residential Treatment

DePelchin's residential treatment program treats children and adolescents in the foster care system who are suffering from severe mental, emotional or behavioral problems. 

Contact Us

DePelchin’s services are available at our main campus on Memorial Drive and at other convenient locations throughout the Greater Houston area.  Families may contact us directly at 713-730-2335.