Foster parents Pepe and Christine Garcia believe their mission in life is simple: do their part to save one more child. 

The Gallaghers' Story

Foster parents Pepe and Christine Garcia believe their mission in life is simple: do their part to save one more child. With support from DePelchin Children's Center, the Garcias have welcomed 14 children into their home over the past six years, providing them shelter, stability and a love that heals. Today, the Garcias are forever parents to three amazing siblings – Christian, Tiffany and Justin – and foster parents to five other children. The need for more families like the Garcias, however, is great. Each year, in the Greater Houston area, thousands of children are removed from their home due to abuse, neglect and abandonment. Will YOU help us save one more child? While not everyone can be a foster parent, everyone can do their part to help. The costs to foster a child continue to rise, and it’s only through generous donors such as you that we can continue to recruit loving foster families and support the children in their care. Join us with a gift today – and like the Garcias, help us turn one more life around.

Career-focused and enjoying life together, they even built their dream house“with no plans to fill it with children.”  But, according to Ann Marie, “one day we realized that we were missing the family experience, and we thought ‘there has to be a greater purpose in life.’”

With encouragement from fellow church members, Ann Marie and Harry began to open their hearts to adoption. Before long, they turned to DePelchin Children’s Center to begin their adoption journey.

The couple first adopted Jose (10) and Samantha (5), a set of siblings who had suffered severe abuse and neglect in the care of their biological parents. With the Gallaghers’ love and support, the children began to flourish. Ann Marie and Harry immediately gained a new perspective as parents: the importance of“guiding a child through life.” Instead of stopping their family with the addition of Jose and Samantha, they decided to keep their hearts and home open to others, “not knowing where it would lead....” One year later, they met Wesley.

Fifteen at the time, Wesley was living in a residential treatment center after several failed adoption attempts and stays in psychiatric hospitals. Ann Marie and Harry realized that it would be a challenge to adopt an older child with special needs, but they felt up to the task, knowing they could rely on DePelchin’s expert support services to see them through. When the couple learned that Wesley had a six-year-old sister named Angelina, they decided to adopt both children.

Now, with their dream house full of children (Wesley - 17, Jose - 15, Samantha - 10, and Angelina - 8), Ann Marie and Harry beam when they say, “This is the family that God intended for all of us. Our children were looking for a home, for a family, and we have all found our forever family. DePelchin isn’t just a part of our story, DePelchin is our whole story.”

Please join us with a gift that helps DePelchin find forever families for the thousands of children in need of a loving home. ‘Tis the season to fill the house with the laughter and love that children bring.