DePelchin recognizes that adoption is a lifelong journey - one shared by adoptees, birth parents and adoptive families.  Through its post-adoption programs, DePelchin offers support for each person on the adoption journey.

CPS Post-Adoption

Through its CPS post-adoption program, DePelchin provides support to families who have adopted children who were once in the care of Child Protective Services.  In cooperation iwth the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS), DePelchin facilities many support services, including information and referral, casework and service planning and support groups.

Private Post-Adoption

Through its private post-adoption program, DePelchin provides support services to families who have adopted a child through its private infant adoption program, including information and referral, consultation and search and reunion.

Search and Reunion through Private Post-Adoption

Many individuals touched by adoption come to a point in ther lives when they consider searching for their birth child or birth parents.  This is a normal and healthy desire, and DePelchin's experienced staff have the ability to search for and facilitate communication between adoptive and birth family members.

Contact Us

If you or your family needs post-adoption suport, call (713) 730-2335 or (888) 730-2335.  Individuals interested in search and reunion services may also take the first step in the process by completing our online search and reunion form