Post Adoption FAQs

Q:  What services are available to my family when we adopt a child?

A:  DePelchin offers a wide range of post-adoption services for families, including individual and group counseling, adoption support groups, parent education resources and services and 24-hour crisis intervention.

Q:  Do you have any camps for adopted children?

A:  DePelchin does not host any camps, but we do provide funding to help send children to camp.

Q:  Can you help us find a therapist that understands adoption?

A:  Yes!  We work closely with many community therapists and refer only to those who are known to understand the complexities of adoption.

Q:  Do you pay for tutoring or private schooling?

A:  DePelchin does not provide funding for tutoring or private schools, but our post-adoption case managers do attend school meetings, ARD meetings and other meetings as necessary to advocate for children and their families. 

Q:  Can I be reimbursed for respite care?

A:  Reimbursement for respite care will depend on the amount of funding DePelchin receives from the State.