Parenting Tips

Being a parent is tough!  Here are a few tips from DePelchin's parenting team.  For more parenting tips, visit

Praise what you want repeated.

The best way to encourage children to behave well is to praise them for the things they do correctly.  People are more likely to repeat behaviors they are praised for, and receive attention for, so praise the positive behaviors.

To encourage children to complete homework

Help them get started.  Sit down and give the child a few minutes of undivided attention, helping them start the process and making sure they understand.  Then, you are able to leave them to complete the assignment.  If they know you will keep coming back to check in with them, they are more likely sit and keep working on it on their own.

Give children limited choices

Let children know they will do as they are asked, or that there will be a consequence.  Give children two options, but make sure you are able to accept and follow through on either one.  For example, tell children they may have may clean their room or not be allowed any electronics for the evening.  Do not tell children they may clean their room or you will throw away all their electronics unless you really are prepared to throw away those expensive toys.

Be consistent

One of the most important parts of parenting is being consistent.   Follow throw on consequences, but also keep your promises.  Children are more likely to cooperate if they know the parent or caregiver is consistent and will follow through.