Parent Education FAQs

When will I receive my certificate?

For all parenting classes, a certificate of completion is provided on the last day of class. 

What is the cost of Parenting 101?

There is a one-time fee of $25 for registration and materials.

Do you provide child care?

We do not provide child care for any of our parenting classes and no children of any age are allowed in the classroom. 

Will I receive a form to track my attendance in the parenting classes?

Yes. Class participants in the eight-week class will receive an Attendance Verification Form as proof of attendance. The form logs which sessions have been attended and corresponding dates. 

Can I attend more than one class per week by attending class at various locations?

 No. The eight-week class is designed to be taken once per week, so that parents have an opportunity to practice skills learned. Participants are not permitted to attend different classes at different locations within the same week.

Do I have to live in Harris County to receive parenting services?

For Parenting 101 – No.  You may live in any county and attend the Parenting 101 classes

For ParentingHelp, families with a child 0-5 may live in Harris County or any adjacent county.  For families with a  child 5-17, they must live in Harris County.  For families in Galveston County, they must live in the county and have a child 0-5.  This is due to funding restrictions.

How long are ParentingHelp services?

Some of the Parenting Help services last two to three months.  Other ParentingHelp programs are available to support families for extended periods of time, up to two years.  Please contact (713) 802-7777 for more information.

How do I figure out what ParentingHelp program is right for me?

The ParentingHelp intake staff are trained to work with families to determine which program will best meet families needs.  Please call (713) 802-7777 to speak with one of the ParentingHelp staff.