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How To Get Involved


Administrative Volunteer: Clerical and administrative support is needed within the various departments at DePelchin Children's Center. These volunteers help with tasks like filing, copying, data entry, supply inventory, mailings, etc. This opportunity is only available Mon-Fri between 9am-4pm. Background check and a 6 month commitment required.

Residential Treatment Center Volunteer: DePelchin has a residential center in Richmond, Texas for children ages 6-13 who suffer from severe mental, emotional, or behavioral problems that inhibit normal functioning in a family setting. In this situation, volunteers help our staff provide positive interaction and fun activities for the children living on campus. Volunteer slots for this particular option are very limited. Currently this opportunity is only available is between 3:30-5pm, Monday through Friday, and on the occasional Sunday afternoon. Background check and a 6 month commitment required.  

Childcare Volunteer: DePelchin offers support groups as well as education classes as a means of supporting the parents in our adoption and foster care programs. We need volunteers to help provide childcare during these meetings. These volunteers are also able sit with children who are hospitalized in order to alleviate their foster or adoptive parents. Childcare help is need 3-4 Saturdays a year and on the occasional week night. Help at the hospital is scheduled on an as needed basis. Background check and a 6 month commitment required.

Sunny’s Volunteers: Throughout the year DePelchin has special projects that require volunteer help. Examples include envelope stuffing, organizing donations, tying ribbons for awareness, stuffing backpacks with school supplies, and the like. These volunteers help fulfill needs as they arise and have no continued time commitments.


Workday Volunteers: We have various campus beautification projects that are completed by volunteers on an as-needed basis. This year, the majority of the projects available will be hosted at our Residential Treatment Center in Richmond, TX. In order to accommodate larger groups, funding for the project must be provided.

Donation Station: DePelchin receives many in-kind donations that are stored in our “donation station”. We need volunteers to help us sort, organize, and prepare the gifts we receive to deliver to our children and their families. This opportunity is available on an ongoing basis.

Host an Event: Many of our generous supporters choose to host their annual events in honor of DePelchin by requesting in-kind gifts as “tickets” to attend, asking for financial gifts at the event, or by donating the proceeds of their event to DePelchin. If you are interested in having your upcoming event benefit DePelchin, please contact Ashley Garner at    

DePelchin Family Events: Several times a year DePelchin hosts events for our families in order to provide a special time for them to come together as a community. These events require all kinds of help in order to be successful. So you know, this year, our family events are:

Foster Care Parent Appreciation Event**

Post Adoption Pool Party

Adoption & Post Adoption Family Field Day

Foster Care Family Holiday Party**

**These events can only happen if we have corporate sponsors to underwrite expenses.


Onboarding Requirements: In order to volunteer in an ongoing capacity we require each potential volunteer to complete an application, interview, clear a criminal back (including fingerprinting), complete a TB test, and have three letters of reference. Once all of these steps are complete, each volunteer will complete an online training.

Visiting the Children: We are a child placement agency and not an orphanage. This means that we do not have children living on our Memorial campus so there are not opportunities to visit with children or to deliver donations directly to them there.

Holding Babies: We do not have opportunities to hold babies.

Internships: We do not offer observation hours or internships for students pursing an undergraduate degree in mental health services. Graduate internships are only offered to students who attend universities that have a written agreement with DePelchin Children's Center. Inquiries for these spots need to go through our Human Resource department. ( Internships for less than a year or 300 hours are not considered.

Volunteer Opportunities for Children: We have very limited opportunities for children under the age of 16 to volunteer, none of which are available on an ongoing basis. Most of the opportunities we do have involve organizing from our donation drives and don’t directly interact with the children we serve.

If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, please contact Lauren Brezger via email at


If you would like to drop off a donation, please bring it by DePelchin's Donation Station located at 200 Sandman during drop-off hours:

Tuesdays 8:30am-12pm and Thursdays 1pm-5pm

To arrange a different time, please contact Lauren Brezger via email at


General Donation Drives: We always need NEW toys, household items, diapers, and clothing to give to kids when they come through our programs. In order to meet their needs, many of our community partners choose to host donation drives for specific items. For a complete list of the items we need most, please refer to our donation wish list.

School Supply Drive:  We partner with our supporters to provide basic school supplies for our children in order to ensure that they are ready to learn on their first day of school.  We’re asking that all supplies are delivered to the donation station (200 Sandman, 77007) no later than Friday, August 4th.  For a complete list of needed school supply items, please refer to our school supply wish list.

Thanksgiving Baskets: Many families are unable to provide the luxury of a traditional Thanksgiving meal for their families. In order to meet this need within our community, we distribute Thanksgiving Baskets. The baskets include items like canned vegetables, boxed stuffing, cranberry sauce, and other similar items.

Holiday Project: This annual effort provides gifts and basics needs to the children and families utilizing DePelchin’s services. During the holiday season, you can help make this possible by fulfilling wish lists, hosting toy drives, donating needed items, making monetary contributions, and volunteering to decorate our facilities, sort and pack gifts, organize donations, and wrap gifts for children living in our residential facilities.

Family Baskets: Many of our families use an exceptionally high amount of household cleaning items because of the complex issues they face with the children in their homes. So, we’re asking for our generous community to help us provide laundry baskets filled with some basic household necessities like paper towels, washcloths, toilet paper, Windex, 409, antibacterial wipes, bleach, and other household cleaners. Ideally, we would like for each basket to value a total of $50-100.

Birthday Buddy Bags: Our hope is that each child within our foster program will be given the chance to feel celebrated on their birthday. To make that happen, DePelchin partners with our invaluable supporters to provide a bag filled with gifts and all the supplies necessary for a birthday party. Currently, our biggest need for our Birthday Buddy program are toys that can be stored at our donation station and used as birthday needs arise. For a list of suggested items, please click here.

Many of these drives require volunteer help to organize the gifts the gifts we receive. Please contact Lauren Brezger at to get more information on how you can help!