No Kidding: Straight Talk from Teen Parents is a DePelchin program designed to educate youths on the challenges of young parenthood.  As part of the program, peer educators—who are themselves young parents—share with students the realities of teen parenting—from the stinky diapers to the strain on friendships to the serious legal and financial responsibilities.

No Kidding Curriculum

No Kidding is geared toward non-parenting and parenting middle- and high-school students. The curriculum includes three 50-minute sessions delivered in sequence over three days.  We can schedule presentations around your needs. Peer educators are available during the day, evenings and weekends.

Here is a glimpse of what is covered in each of the three sessions:

  • Telling Our Stories. Young fathers and mothers “talk straight” about their lives, telling stories about their journey and imparting information they wish they’d known before having their child.
  • Understanding Paternity. Through personal stories, interactive activities and role-plays led by the peer educators, students will analyze the legal consequences of becoming an unmarried parent, learn about the importance of having both parents in a child’s life and examine their own attitudes towards commitment and marriage.
  • Child Support and Money Matters. Students investigate the expense of child rearing and single parenting, analyze the financial obligation of supporting a child and explore the process of paying and receiving child support.

Contact Us

To schedule a free No Kidding Program for your school or group, contact us at 713-802-6342 or

Note: No Kidding peer educators are trained in public speaking and paternity and child support law. However, they are not sex educators and do not address topics related to sex education.

No Kidding is a collaborative project between DePelchin Children’s Center and the Texas Attorney General’s Child Support Division.