HOUSTON (May 7, 2015) – DePelchin Children’s Center has asked the community to make one simple gesture in support of children’s mental health awareness: wear a band-aid on your forehead for Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day today.

One in five children is affected by mental health issues, including ADHD, depression and anxiety. Not only do these children and their families have to deal with the actual disorder, but they also have to deal with the stigma that is associated with mental health issues. By asking individuals to wear band-aids on May 7, DePelchin is trying to get people talking about mental health and help erase the fear and misunderstandings people have about disorders of the brain.

“We are proud to be taking a stand in raising awareness about children’s mental health issues,” said Jenifer Jarriel, DePelchin president and CEO. “The support from the community has been overwhelming as we distributed Heal Young Minds green band-aids the past few weeks for people to wear today. The reach of our campaign extended far beyond this as individuals were also invited to show their support by uploading pictures with #healyoungminds to social media.”

More information about the campaign and community support can be seen by visiting healyoungminds.org.

About DePelchin Children's Center:
DePelchin Children’s Center is the leading center in Texas for children’s well-being, with a focus on a mental health, foster care and adoption services. For more than 120 years, DePelchin has been turning lives around with comprehensive care for children, including psychiatric services, counseling, programs for at-risk youths, parent education, residential treatment, foster care and adoption. DePelchin is a not-for-profit organization and gratefully receives its support from individuals, foundations and corporations; government grants and fees; and United Way agencies.  Visit www.depelchin.org to learn more.


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Analisa Warren