The storm may be over but recovering in the aftermath of Harvey is going to be a process for our children and our communities. These past weeks have seen children dealing with a lot - from being separated from their homes, possibly family and friends, relocated to new schools or even relocated to new areas of the city. These factors can all contribute to stress and anxiety for children, even though we are trying hard to shield them from our own stress about the situation. Children may not totally understand what is going on either, all they know is that they have have lost their toys or a favorite item from their house. Without being able to fully process these rapid life changes and stress in a short amount of time, it can understandably take a toll on them.

It is up to the community, family, friends and especially teachers, who in many cases will serve as another constant in our children's lives, to help our children heal from the impact the storm may have had on them. Even if their lives are not currently disrupted, living through the week of nonstop television coverage, storm activity and overall fear can impact them as well.

DePelchin wants to provide a list a resources for families who are seeking more information to help their children during this time of healing in our community. If you should need further assistance for your child, please contact our free counseling department.

Listen to DePelchin's Manager of Parenting Services, Charity Eames, on local NPR show Houston Matters to discuss "Helping Children Cope After Harvey

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