HOUSTON (June 25, 2012) – DePelchin Children’s Center has adopted a therapeutic art program for children and youths in the state foster care system through a partnership with ArtBridge, a nonprofit arts education program originally created for homeless children.

Art therapy has been recognized as a form of therapeutic treatment for emotional disorders, trauma and mental illness.  ArtBridge at DePelchin brings high-quality expressive art instruction to children, who are in the state foster care system and whose traumatic experiences have led them temporarily to be unable to live successfully even with the most experienced foster families.  The mission of ArtBridge is to encourage creativity and self-expression within a supportive environment and nurture children’s imagination, hope and self-esteem.The program has complemented DePelchin’s expert intensive, therapeutic counseling, psychological and psychiatric work with children allowing youths to make even greater gains in their personal lives.  

Positive changes in the children include:

- Improvement in school work,
- Increased ability to tolerate frustration,
- Improved focus,
- Cooperation with others, and
- More open communication with peers and adult supervisors and staff.

About DePelchin Children’s Center

DePelchin Children’s Center is committed to meeting the needs of children as one of the largest providers of mental health, foster care and adoption services in Texas. Through its clinical expertise and special brand of caring, DePelchin turns lives around, providing a full continuum of care including psychiatric services, counseling, residential treatment, programs for at-risk youths, parent education, foster care and adoption.