HOUSTON (January 9, 2012) – DePelchin Children’s Center is pleased to announce that it has combined with Caring Family Network (CFN), an Austin-based foster care and adoption agency with locations throughout Central Texas including Austin, Brownwood, Kerrville, Lubbock and San Antonio.  

The joining of these two organizations will greatly expand DePelchin and Caring Family Network’s footprint across the state, making it one of the largest organizations in Texas providing foster care and adoption services.  The joining of these two organizations will also greatly expand DePelchin and CFN’s ability to make a meaningful impact on the child welfare system. 

As Texas agencies face the regional roll-out of foster care redesign and significant changes to the system, DePelchin and CFN, with their combined network and expertise, will be poised to take a leadership role in the redesign efforts. 
Currently there are more than 28,000 children in the State of Texas foster care system. There also are more than 9,000 children waiting to be adopted. Joining forces between DePelchin Children’s Center and Caring Family Network will allow the new organization to recruit loving foster and adoptive families more effectively and better meet the needs of the children in its care.  

“There is a need now, more than ever before, to find loving families who are willing to open their hearts and homes to children in need,” said Bob Hartman, chief operating officer at DePelchin Children’s Center. “This announcement is about how two organizations are coming together to ensure that foster and adoptive children receive what they need and deserve – a safe home and a loving family.” 

DePelchin Children’s Center and Caring Family Network are both mission-driven organizations committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all children.  They also are organizations achieving significant milestones this year, DePelchin with its 120-year anniversary and Caring Family Network with its 20-year anniversary. DePelchin’s combining with CFN ensures the organizations’ sustainability and strength to take care of these children today and in the future.

About DePelchin Children’s Center
DePelchin Children’s Center is Houston’s largest, most comprehensive provider of children’s mental health, foster care and adoption services. Caring for more than 20,000 children and their families each year, DePelchin offers a wide range of services including counseling, psychiatry, residential treatment, programs for at-risk youths, parent education, foster care and adoption. DePelchin is a not-for-profit organization that has served Houston since 1892 and receives its support from government grants and fees, United Way agencies, corporations, foundations and individuals.