Eighth-grader Sean Gilmore seems like an average teenager at first glance.  He enjoys sports, especially lacrosse and football, loves to hang out with his friends and has a passion for video games.  

At just 13, though, Gilmore, who was adopted through DePelchin, has also accomplished a remarkable achievement: he’s an inventor and entrepreneur.

Two years ago, as part of a school competition, Gilmore came up with the idea for the “Sleepover Bed Tent” – a tent-like contraption that allows a double bed to serve as two separate sleeping areas.  Sean’s invention won second place at the competition, and soon, interest in his product began building.

With help from his mom, Gilmore recently secured two patents for his invention and in September officially launched his own company, the Sleepover Bed Tent, LLC, to market his product.  

Gilmore has attracted a lot of attention with his invention, including a TV appearance on Great Day Houston with Debra Duncan.

While the journey of developing and launching his product has been fun, it’s also been challenging and has taught Gilmore a number of valuable lessons.

“One thing I learned is to never give up, and always keep trying,” he says.

Gilmore adds that knowing people have found his invention to be helpful makes him happy.  He doesn’t know if being an entrepreneur is what he wants to do after high school, but for now, he’s content to enjoy the ride.