DePelchin understands that the commitment to adopt a child comes with great rewards—and great challenges.  That’s why we’re here to support adoptive families every step of the way.  Through its CPS post-adoption program, DePelchin provides support to families who have adopted children who were once in the care of Child Protective Services.  In cooperation iwth the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS), our post-adoption program is offered in the Greater Houston and East Texas areas and includes the following support services:

Information and Referral

Information on and referrals are provided to the appropriate agency and community services.

Casework and Service Planning 

A trained social worker assesses a family’s needs and connects the family with appropriate resources, consultation and support. 

Parent Education Resources and Services

Special classes provide the opportunity to learn about and discuss pertinent adoption issues.

Support Groups 

Adoptive families share and receive support from other families who have adopted. See currently available groups.

Respite Care and Summer Camp Reimbursement

Parents receive financial assistance to pay for short-term care for their children, allowing the parents to enjoy some time off.  Summer camp reimbursements may also be available to qualifying families.

Therapeutic Services

Clinicians provide referrals as appropriate to help child families cope with and overcome difficult issues.  Therapeutic services include counseling and support groups.

Educational Advocacy

Clinicians offer educational advocacy and support to secure special accommodations.

Residential Placement Services 

Children experiencing severe emotional problems may qualify for treatment outside the home.

Social Networking opportunities

DePelchin's Buddy Family events offer fun networking opportunities for children and families.

24-hour Crisis Intervention

Families can access help at any time through DePelchin’s support line.

Qualifying for Post-adoption Services

In order to qualify for these services, the adopted child must have been in the custody of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS) at the time of adoption or the family must have received adoption assistance from TDFPS.  Furthermore, the adoption must be legally finalized, and the child must be younger than 18 years of age.

Contact Us

For more information on post-adoption services, contact us at (713) 730-2335.