Community Based Care

DePelchin Children’s Center is seeking to become the Single- Source Continuum Contractor (SSCC) for Harris County. In this role DePelchin, as a servant leader, seeks to unite the community behind a shared vision to change the Harris County child welfare system into a model for family well- being that emphasizes prevention alongside intervention, resilience alongside trauma awareness, and healthy families as the units in which children thrive. We will ground our work in equity, and in collaboration with community partners, develop a diverse network of organizations that offers services and supports that match the needs of families we serve.

A couple with their two kids
A lady holding her daughter

What is CBC?

Community-Based Care (CBC) is a landmark reform of foster care services in Texas. This model empowers local organizations to manage and direct services needed for each child in foster care, keeping children closer to the community they know and fostering local collaboration to serve children and youth.
Seven regions in Texas have transitioned to the CBC model of foster care.

What is the role
of an SSCC?

The model empowers a single organization in the community — the SSCC — to manage individual cases and work with other local organizations to ensure families receive the services they need. The state continues to provide oversight of the SSCCs’ activities and performance. DePelchin, in collaboration with community partners, intends to build a network of organizations that honors the family in all interactions, and recognizes the impact our decisions have on the families we serve.

A couple holding thier son
A couple sitting together with their two kids

Why is DePelchin seeking to become the SSCC?

DePelchin has evolved over more than 130 years to meet the needs of children and families in Houston. Today, DePelchin provides services including foster care and adoption, counseling for children and families, parenting classes, fatherhood programs, kinship navigation, and family reunification. DePelchin has a strong operational infrastructure and experienced leadership within a positive organizational culture. As a respected member of Houston’s nonprofit community, we know how to build the partnerships needed to envision and implement high quality care and services throughout the region.

Timeline for CBC Implementation

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