By the time that three-and-a-half-year-old Cody was placed with Kim and Dan McCarthy, he had already faced a host of insurmountable challenges.

His absentee father had been in and out of jail, and when Child Protective Services stepped in, Cody was living in a homeless shelter with his abusive, drug-addicted mother.

When the McCarthys adopted Cody, he was extremely withdrawn, resistant to any physical touch, had severe speech delays, and regularly exhibited aggressive and socially awkward behaviors. The McCarthys knew that Cody’s background was a contributing factor, but they were also concerned that his behavior indicated more grave mental health challenges ahead.

The McCarthys had "found a home at DePelchin" when they were adopting Cody. With a different, more difficult, challenge before them, they turned to DePelchin Children's Center again, this time for mental health services.

DePelchin’s expert team of psychologists, psychiatrists and licensed counselors got to work. They utilized play therapy to help Cody cope with his anger and speech issues and tested him for ADHD and autism spectrum disorders. DePelchin clinicians also coached Kim and Dan through the process, providing support for the entire family. Cody was diagnosed and treated for ADHD. The tests also revealed that Cody was not autistic. But, he was extremely gifted!

With DePelchin professionals there "every step of the way," the McCarthys now see "a complete transformation in Cody." He has blossomed into an intelligent, kindhearted, curious and independent eight-year-old who is a wonderful big brother to little sister Kaetlyn, also adopted through DePelchin.

In Kim and Dan’s own words, "Had it not been for DePelchin, we might not have made it through this journey."

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