Birth Mother Program FAQs

Q: What kind of choices do I have at DePelchin?

Your choices are many. You are in control of the decisions about your prenatal care, hospital and living arrangement. You are in control of the type of adoption you want to make. There is a broad spectrum of adoption plans, from confidential adoptions where no identifying information is given, to the most open form of cooperative adoption where all identifying information is shared between the birthparents and the adoptive parents.

You may choose the adoptive parents who you believe will be best for your baby. You may choose to stay in touch with the adoptive parents and child through letters, pictures and updates or through direct contact, depending on the type of adoption you select.

Q: Can I meet with adoptive parents prior to the placement of my child?

This choice is yours; it depends upon the type of adoptive placement you choose.

Q: Can I see my baby, name my baby and hand my baby to the adoptive parents?

All of these choices are yours. The answer is yes to all of these questions if that is what you want.

Q: Are there adoptive parents for children of all races?

Yes! DePelchin actively recruits families of all races. The goal is to assure that a child’s cultural, racial and ethnic heritage is preserved.

Q: Does the father of the baby have to be involved?

Both parents have legal rights, even if you are not married. If these rights are ignored, the adoption is not the secure, healthy plan you want for your child. You and your counselor will choose the best way to involve both birthparents.

Q: How do I talk to friends and family about my thoughts of adoption?

Adoption is a personal decision that affects the lives of all involved. Everyone may not agree with your thoughts of adoption; that’s okay. Only you and the baby's father know your circumstances and can decide what will be the best plan for your baby's future.

Q: Is there "life" after adoption?

Absolutely! It is not an easy choice; important decisions never are but if you feel adoption is the best plan for your child, you can find comfort in knowing your concern was for the most important person involved - your child!

Q: Why should I contact DePelchin Children's Center?

The adoption staff at DePelchin knows birthparents have many questions and are here to help with the answers. Services are available for birthparents, regardless of age, their families, and other important people in their lives. The private infant adoption program is designed to provide one service or a combination of services, depending upon the need of the individual.

Q: Where is DePelchin Children's Center located?

All adoption services are available through DePelchin's main campus in Houston. We also offer support in locations throughout the Greater Houston area, including Clear Lake, Stafford and the The Woodlands, on a case-specific basis.