By Dr. Bukstein:

Children's mental health is at the forefront of conversation today. Because more and more families are coming forward seeking treatment for children's mental health issues, more professionals need to be trained in delivering care for these problems. Dr. Jensen is a leader in this field with The REACH Institute (Resource for Advancing Children's Health). As a researcher, his work with ADHD remains a standard in the field. Dr. Jensen currently serves as president and CEO of The REACH Institute, an organization dedicated to disseminating evidence-based interventions for child and adolescent mental health.

As a colleague of mine in the field, examples like Dr. Jensen's work is what propels DePelchin Children's Center to achieve excellence in treating children's mental health issues. Every day we see children struggling with disorders like ADHD, depression and anxiety. Through the hard work of people like Dr. Jensen, we are able to determine the best practices to help them and train professionals to deliver these best practices.

Dr. Jensen believes, as DePelchin does too, that a child's mental health is often as important as his or her physical health. If a child is struggling with a mental health issue, it will have an impact on his or her physical health and vice versa. The REACH Institute understands this relationship and is leading the charge in training medical practitioners to provide mental health care integrated in their primary care practices.

Medical practitioners must work together for the common goal of bettering the lives of our children, optimally through an integrated approach. DePelchin is lucky to have an ally in Dr. Jensen who is constantly striving and finding the best treatment and training options available and we are honored that he will share his perspective on the future of children's mental health at our spring luncheon. It is with the help of people like Dr. Jensen and The REACH Institute that DePelchin will continue to be the leading center in Houston for children's mental health.