There is a great need for more loving homes for children who have been removed from their families due to abuse or neglect. If you have room in your home and room in your hearts, consider taking the next step to become a foster parent.

What is the first step?

A: The first step is to attend one of our information sessions at our many area locations around the city.

What are the requirements of a foster parent?

A: Foster parents must be at least 21 years of age, have income to financially support themselves and be in good physical and mental health.

They must be willing to support foster children's contact with their biological parents and cooperate with the agency's efforts to reunite them with their families or prepare them for permanent homes through adoption. Foster parents can adopt their foster children. The Foster-To-Adopt program is designed for families willing to foster a child with the hope of adopting. Children are placed in foster homes by matching their needs with the foster parent's or families' situations. You will never be asked to accept a foster child you are not prepared to help. You select the level of needs and age group of the children you would like to foster.

What types of kids are waiting to be placed in foster care?

A: Children of all ages, origins, ethnicity and backgrounds are waiting to be fostered. Some of the children are toddlers. Others are teenagers. A portion may need extra attention. However, they share one common thread. All of these children need a loving family and a place to call home. We are particulary needing parents who:

  • Can stay at home to care for infants and preschool children;
  • Are interested in teaching independent living skills to adolescents or;
  • Can care for children with medical needs or mental retardation.

Does it cost a lot of money to be a foster parent?

A: NO! Foster parents receive monthly compensation per child and:

  • the child or children are totally covered for medical and dental services.
  • help with recreational and educational activities is available.
  • you receive free specialized training from experienced clinical staff.

What types of people are foster parents?

A: Everyday people just like you are fostering children You DO NOT need to be rich or married to be a foster parent. You DO need to want to provide a nurturing, safe and loving environment to a child.

What is the process?

A: The length of time will vary, depending on the procedures involved in each situation. The process usually includes:

  • Attending an informational meeting.
  • Completing an application.
  • Attending a training program.
  • Participating in a home study with a staff member from DePelchin.

What is a home study?

A: A home study is a collaborative effort with the family to help determine if foster care will fit their family lifestyle. In the home study, the staff member will assess the potential foster home and complete a written summary on the strengths, skills, behavior, attitudes, stamina and any other qualifications that will help deal with the challenges of foster parenting. You select the level of needs and age group of the children you would like to foster.