This summer, a number of sixth through ninth-graders attended Camp REACH at DePelchin Children's Center. Camp REACH is a free camp that provides a safe and positive place for youth to learn skills that will improve school performance, increase positive behaviors, instill healthy choices and develop important character traits such as coping, decision-making skills, leadership and effective communication.

Ben Rose, director of field operations for Positive Coaching Alliance, provided a character education workshop to the campers this past Wednesday, July 30. His message was simple: "Your character on the field is as important as your character off the field. The two are not separate but are deeply connected. Being a good athlete translates to being a good person, and that is the greatest quality of all."

Here is an overview of the key takeaways the kids received from the workshop:

  • Winning isn’t everything. How you respect your team and how you respect each other matters much more.
  • We all have character and values inside of us. Make sure to use your positive character to encourage and motivate your friends.
  • Don’t focus on results but focus on learning and the effort involved, knowing mistakes are okay
  • Failure and mistakes are opportunities to learn as a person.

  • More than anything, stay true to yourself and your personal goals and values.  Keep trying, don’t accept defeat and don’t ever give up.  

For more information about the character education workshop from Positive Coaching Alliance, visit their website here: