Here at DePelchin we get to work with many amazing families. To help us celebrate National Adoption Month, The Blair Family was kind enough to share their personal adoption story.  

The Blair Family Story by Adam and Randi Blair

It was 6 years ago when my wife and I decided to start growing our family.  At the time we were 24 & 25 years old.  We knew we wanted children but had no idea as to the method in which we were about to receive them.   I remember the day clearly.  We were driving in our car near downtown Houston when Randi brought up the idea of adopting after we’ve had a few of our own.  That same night my wife had a dream where she saw the face of a baby boy with big bright eyes and curly hair.  She knew in her dream that this boy was an orphan in need of a home.   That morning we talked again about the possibility of adoption, this time contemplating adopting before having our own.

That night we went to visit a church in Humble, TX.  At the end of the service a man, whom we had never met, walked up to us and said, “I know you don’t know me nor I you, but the strangest thing happened when I looked at you both… I believe I’m supposed to tell you that you are called to be adoptive parents.”  By that time it seemed quite obvious what we were meant to do.

When we shared our intent to adopt with friends and family, we received a lot of strange looks and questions like, “You guys can’t have your own?” or “Why don’t you have some biological children first and then decide?”  My favorite was “You guys are so young and have so much life ahead of you, why rush?”  We didn’t have any other answer accept this was what we felt we were supposed to do.

The next week we went to an adoption agency and told them we wanted to adopt.  We had some initial fear and uncertainty in regards to the cost of adoption.  However, we found out that there was a program through CPS, which allows perspective parents to foster with the intent to adopt.  We were surprised to find out that it wouldn’t cost $30,000 to adopt but was completely FREE.

We went on to complete the necessary courses to become foster parents with the intention of adopting.  We simply asked that they would place children in our care that they felt would need permanent placement.  Soon after we received a phone call about 11 month-old twin boys that were in need of an urgent placement.  Without any hesitation we quickly said yes.  We didn’t see pictures; we weren’t given any information about their family history or their temperament.  We just felt like this was right. 

We had thirty minutes to rush home to receive one of the twins while the other was staying over night in the hospital due to severe head trauma and a broken humerus.  As the first twin reached the front door, tears began to fall while Randi kept saying, “This was the baby I saw in my dream!”   As the Case Worker put our son in Randi’s arms for the first time he immediately reached out and called her “Mama.” 

The next day, we received his twin brother, who came to us severely traumatized.  He was resistant when we tried to hold him, hug him, or kiss him.  Any elevated noise would send him into a panic attack, which would last for hours at a time.  The abuse and neglect he endured kept him from holding down food or sleeping properly for several months.  Our hearts were especially broken for him.

Several months later we received another phone call from Child Protective Services saying the twins had a 4 year-old sister who needed to be placed in a family as well.  Knowing full well that it would be a stretch for our family we opened our home and to this day count it all joy.  Our adoption was finalized 2 years later on March 12, 2009. 

Our Message:

We’ve met dozens of amazing adoptive parents within these past few years.  Many of which adopted because they were unable to have biological children or because their children have all grown up.  We thank God for these parents’ decision of turning to adoption as another plan.  On the other hand, our hearts are burdened with the fact that many couples resort to adoption as plan B.   As a result, there are still thousands of children in America that will stay in the system and never become adopted.  We dream about seeing a movement sweep across America where younger couples who desire a family will join us and make adoption as their Plan A.   When people ask us why we decided to adopt before having biological children, our answer is simple… Why not?