By Analisa Warren:

Ask anyone what they are thankful for and most of the time one of their top items is usually family. Throughout the month of November, I have had many opportunities to hear directly from the children DePelchin Children’s Center serves, and I repeatedly heard how thankful they are for a family. As the Manager of Public Relations, it has been my first time working for DePelchin during National Adoption Month, and my goal was to tell the stories of our wonderful families to the community.  What I didn’t realize was how the work DePelchin does and the families we serve would actually open my eyes to the power of adoption and the impact it has on the lives of these children and adults.

Last Friday, I attended Harris County Adoption Day at the courthouse and had the opportunity to witness adults and children, people who are families minus the official paperwork, becoming families by the state of Texas. It is an amazing sight to see the number of people there to support these mothers, fathers and children. You can feel the love in the room as you look into these children’s eyes and see how their lives are being forever changed in ways they cannot even understand. It is a moment I felt privileged and humbled to witness. It is also a moment that brought with it a feeling of thankfulness for the many adults we work with as we try to find families for the children in care.

Every child deserves a family, and DePelchin is working hard to make sure children of all ages have that family and can take that step into the future, many times with their siblings beside them. I sit here thankful for the many families who have taken that step, for the families who are in the process of taking that step and for the families who will take that step in the future.  This Thanksgiving as you sit down at your table with your own forever family of parents, grandparents and siblings around you, take a moment to think of all of the children who are waiting for their own Thanksgiving table to sit at with their own forever family.  Think of them and think of the parents who have welcomed many of these children into their own families. Because of the power of adoption, many children will celebrate this Thanksgiving with their new forever family, and that is a reason for all of us to be thankful.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!