Have you ever thought about becoming a foster parent and taking the next step to truly impact a child during what is a very unsettling period in their life?

Through its foster care program, DePelchin partners with couples and individuals who can provide temporary care for children removed from their birth families because of abuse, neglect or abandonment. Many of these children have experienced trauma and desperately need the care and support of a loving foster family.

The process of becoming a foster parent with DePelchin typically lasts between three and six months and includes the following steps:

1. Participating in an informational orientation. You can view a link to the current schedule here.

2. Submitting a complete application and other documentation   

3. Completing the required training program

4. Participating in a home study

5. Receiving approval to be a verified foster home

Any questions about the process or about your specific situation can be answered by attending an information orientation session or contacting fosteroradopt@depelchin.org