All Stars Prevention Program

DePelchin Children’s Center understands the importance of character development and partners with schools to help students make positive life choices.

All Stars is a free program available to elementary and middle school students to help them evaluate the consequences of their behavior and the impact on their future.  The program is designed to help prevent alcohol, tobacco and drug use and reduce fighting, bullying, and delinquency.  The primary goal of All Stars is to prevent youths from engaging in behaviors that will put their health and well-being at risk. All Stars also helps students focus on making positive choices and avoid engaging in various risky behaviors. 

How Does All Stars Work?

All Stars does more than prevent negative behavior.  It is designed to promote the development of healthy lifestyle choices, positive relationships, a sense of belonging and a belief in the future.

The evidence-based program is composed of nine individual sessions.  Each session is approximately 45 minutes in length and offers students the opportunity to participate individually and as a group. During each session, students are given the opportunity to think about their future - what they want and don’t want – through an engaging curriculum with games, prizes, art projects and other developmentally-appropriate activities

Who Is Eligible?

All Stars is availalbe to students in fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades.   As students transition from elementary to middle school, they begin to rely more on their peer group.  All Stars not only helps students learn how to make positive decisions, but it also teaches students how to form positive peer relationships.  The program is designed to help students become all stars.

DePelchin offers All Stars at no charge to elementary and middle schools in the Houston Independent School District (HISD).  The program is covered by funding through the Department of State Health Services, specifically for HISD students.

DePelchin also makes All Stars available to other school districts in the surrounding communities.

Contact Us

For more information or to bring the All Stars program to your school, call 713-802-6324 or email