Q:  What is adoption?

A:  Adoption is the permanent, legal transfer of parental rights and responsibilities from the State to the adoptive parent.  DePelchin Children's Center facilitates the adoption of children in foster care, as well as infants placed through our private infant adoption program. 

Q:  What types of kids are waiting to be adopted?

A:  Children of all ages, origins, ethnicities and backgrounds are waiting to be adopted. Some of the children are elementary-aged.  Others are teenagers.  Some are members of a sibling group.  However, they all share one common thread.  All of these children need a loving forever family.

Q:  Is it expensive to adopt a child through CPS?

A:  No.  Actually, there are funds available to help you take care of your adopted child (if the child meets certain criteria).  DePelchin does not charge any fees to adopt children in the custody of Child Protective Services (CPS).   Monthly financial assistance from the State of Texas may also be available.  

Q:  How much does DePelchin charge for private infant adoption?

A:  DePelchin charges a sliding-scale fee to facilitate the adoption of an infant who is not in the custody of the State of Texas (CPS).

Q:  Do you have to be married or own a home to adopt?

A:  No.  Adoptive parents can be married or single, working or retired. Even if renting a house or an apartment, you are eligible to adopt a child if you can provide a safe, nurturing environment with adequate space for children.

Q:  Will the adoption process take a long time?

A:  Adoption through DePelchin and welcoming a child into a family will vary based on circumstances unique to each child. The process of becoming approved as an adoptive parent typically lasts between three and six months and includes the following steps:

  1. Participating in an informational orientation
  2. Submitting a complete application and other documentation
  3. Completing the required training program
  4. Participating in a home study
  5. Receiving approval to be an adoptive home