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Teen Transition Groups

Teen Transition Groups are for students ages 14 and older identified with an autism spectrum disorder or social cognitive deficit who will be transitioning from junior high to high school or from high school to post-secondary education and/or employment.  

Goals for the groups include helping participants learn the skills they need to transition to the next grade level or job and helping parents guide their students toward making the best choices for their future.

The program explores a range of social-thinking skills, including how to see from another's perspective, understanding the impact of their behavior on others, carrying on conversation, self-advocacy and problem-solving skills, time management and budget skills.

Social Survival Skills Groups are for teens ages 14 and older who are transitioning to high school and post high school activities. 

Research indicates that students on the spectrum have a higher unemployment rate usually due to difficulty with social interactions in different settings. 

This group will be facilitated by licensed therapists and will cover social thinking topics such as expected and unexpected behaviors in different settings, “From Friendly to Friendship” (what is a friend and why is it important to have them?), clues for seeing from another’s perspective, strategies for expressing feelings in a positive way in order to get better results, initiating and maintaining conversations with peers and adults, how big is my problem and how can I solve it.   

Other strategies to help young people on the spectrum to be successful in high school, college and in their careers include but are not limited to: organization skills, goal setting for college and jobs, asking for help and interviewing.      

Parents will be given information after each meeting to help their student practice these skills at home and school.  

These groups are held on Mondays at 5pm and the dates for these groups are below:  

First Session: September 14 through November 9th with a break for Thanksgiving, then November 30-December 7th.

Second Session: January 25th through March 7th

Third Session: March 28th through May 9th   

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