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Psychological Testing

DePelchin offers psychological testing when there is need to evaluate a child’s intellectual, academic, emotional or behavioral functioning.  Testing enables our psychologists to more accurately identify underlying issues, so they can develop a treatment plan that best addresses a child’s needs.

Psychological testing typically includes an initial evaluation followed by a number of testing sessions and completion of a written evaluation report for families.  Psychological testing is currently only available at DePelchin’s main campus and Katy location.

DePelchin also supports children and families through other mental health services, including psychiatry and counseling.


DePelchin accepts a range of Medicaid and Chip plans for psychological testing.  For families whose insurance does not cover psychological testing, DePelchin offers testing at various price levels.  DePelchin charges standard fees for testing performed by our licensed staff psychologists.  We also offer discounted rates for testing performed by a member of our psychology team, including interns who have completed a master’s in psychology and are working on completion of their doctoral degree in psychology or postdoctoral fellows who have their Ph.D. and are completing their requirements for licensure in psychology.  A licensed staff psychologist monitors all testing performed by postdoctoral fellows and interns.

For more information on appointments, visit our Making an Appointment page.

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DePelchin is currently not accepting new clients for psychological testing unless they are being seen in other areas of our center.  For more information on our psychological testing services, visit our FAQs page or contact us at 713-730-2335.