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Post-adoption Support

Many individuals touched by adoption come to a point in their lives when they consider learning more about their history, as well as possibly searching for their birth child or birth parents. This is a normal and healthy desire, and DePelchin is here to help.

Our experienced staff have the ability to gather and review background information with individuals, as well as search for and facilitate communication between adoptive and birth family members. The search and reunion process can at times be difficult and emotionally complicated, but it can also be very rewarding. We’re here to offer support through each stage of the process.

The following services are offered through our private, fee-based post adoption program:

Information and Referral 

Information on and referrals to appropriate agency and community services


Clinicians answer questions specific to the family’s needs

Search and Reunion 

Professional staff facilitate search and communication between birth relatives

Intermediary Services 

Facilitation of contact between birth relatives, including counseling and mediation

Support Groups 

Monthly groups offer support and guidance to those involved in any stage of a search

Search Support Group

DePelchin’s Search Support Group is a small, informal group designed for those involved in various stages of the search and reunion process as well as those who just want to learn more about these services. We offer guidance and support to those interested in connecting with biological family members. We welcome anyone to the group who has been touched by adoption, as our services are not limited to those who have adopted through DePelchin.

The Search Support Group is offered at DePelchin’s main campus the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30 in the Duncan conference room on the 2nd floor.  A $5.00 donation is requested for each group session.  Registration is not required to attend.  View the calendar for Search Support Group sessions.

For more information on our search support groups, contact us at 713-802-7721

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Additional Services

DePelchin offers additional services to families whose children were in the custody of the State of Texas at the time of adoption.  To learn more, visit our CPS Post-adoption Support page.

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For more information on post-adoption services, contact us at 713-730-2335.