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Mental Health


DePelchin believes that a child’s mental health is just as important as his or her physical health. Recognized as a leader in the field of children’s mental health, DePelchin supports children and families struggling with behavioral or emotional issues.  Through our expert team of psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors, we provide comprehensive care for a broad range of concerns, including ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, anxiety, depression, trauma and more.

DePelchin’s mental health services are offered throughout the Greater Houston area and include:

Psychiatric Services

As part of a multi-disciplinary treatment approach, DePelchin offers a full range of psychiatric services, including psychiatric consultation and ongoing medication management.  

Psychological Testing

DePelchin offers psychological testing for children to evaluate their intellectual, academic, emotional and behavioral functioning.

Counseling Services

DePelchin’s counseling services support children and families struggling with personal, interpersonal or social challenges, including problems in the home, school or community.

Autism Services

DePelchin offers comprehensive evaluations for children, ages 18 months and older, whose symptoms suggest an autism spectrum disorder.  We also offer a range of therapeutic and educational services to support the entire family.  

Trauma-Focused Treatment

A regional leader in trauma-informed treatment, DePelchin provides comprehensive care for children suffering from traumatic stress through its multi-disciplinary team of mental health experts.  

Contact Us

DePelchin’s mental health services are available at our main campus on Memorial Drive and at other convenient locations throughout the Greater Houston area.  

Families may contact us directly to schedule a first-time appointment. A doctor’s referral is not required.  To schedule an appointment, call 713-730-2335.

For information on insurance plans we accept, visit our Making an Appointment page. DePelchin is currently offering a self-pay option for counseling services that includes a $175 initial assessment fee and a $75 fee for ongoing therapy appointments with a licensed therapist.  DePelchin is also offering a self-pay option for psychiatric services that includes a $325 initial evaluation fee and a $85 fee for ongoing medication management appointments.  In addition, medication management with therapy appointments are available starting at $125 with a licensed psychiatry trainee supervised by a board-certified psychiatrist.