Kezia DePelchin Society


Leap of Faith

The Kezia DePelchin Society provides individuals an opportunity to carry on the legacy of DePelchin’s founder, Kezia Payne DePelchin, who felt called by her faith to care for Houston’s children in need.

In 1892, Kezia Payne DePelchin took a leap of faith and accepted into her care three orphaned infants for whom no other accommodations were available. “I suppose I will have to call it my ‘Faith Home,” she said. “I’m entirely dependent on my faith in God and the good people of Houston to support it.” Kezia died in 1893 shortly after opening her “Faith Home”, but the Houston community adopted her mission to take care of abandoned, neglected and hurting children.

Legacy of Love

Today, Kezia’s small “Faith Home” is now DePelchin Children's Center, a leading foster care and adoption agency with locations throughout Houston and Greater Texas.  DePelchin's approach to caring for kids integrates at-risk prevention, foster care, adoption and post-adoption programs to improve the mental health and physical well-being of children at-risk or within the State’s child welfare system.

The continued support of “the good people of Houston” is realized in the thousands of children and families whose lives are turned around every year. If you have a strong philanthropic compass and a hopeful vision for our community, we invite you to donate to the Kezia DePelchin Society and help carry on Kezia’s legacy.

Society of Support

The Kezia DePelchin Society provides an opportunity to make annual leadership commitments to DePelchin Children’s Center. Donors enjoy exclusive benefits as well as the satisfaction of knowing that they are investing in the future of Houston’s children and families.

The Society offers fives levels of participation, each representing increasing levels of commitment and a range of opportunities to become involved with DePelchin. Donors are recognized in our annual report and receive invitations to exclusive events, including the annual State of DePelchin evening reception.

Help carry on Kezia’s legacy and care for our children and families in need.

Levels of Support

Friend $1,200
Patron $2,400
Benefactor $5,000
Sponsor $10,000
Leadership Circle $25,000

How to Join

Join the Kezia DePelchin Society by making a gift online or by mail. To make a gift online, visit our KDS Online Donation page. To make a traditional check or credit card gift, complete and print our KDS Contribution Form and mail it to:

Office of Advancement
DePelchin Children's Center
4950 Memorial Drive
Houston, Texas 77007

To learn more about the Kezia DePelchin Society, contact Dixie Mullins at or 713-802-6292. 

Kezia DePelchin Society Members

Lifetime ($25,000 or more)  

Chinhui and Edward R. Allen III*
Cynthia and Michael Barrett
Ellen and John Bass
Elliott M. Bossin*
Dr. and Mrs. Sean and Rachel Boutros
E. Lane Coco, Ph.D.
Jenny Elkins
Kay and Harris Forbes
Helen and Terry Gebert
Diana and Russell Hawkins
Peggy and Mark Heeg
Phyllis and Roy Huffington**
Ally and Korsh Jafarnia
Melissa and Steven Kean

Jennifer and Wesley Kern*
The William and Lora Jean Kilroy Foundation
Nancy and Rich Kinder
Louis Magne*
Janice and Bob McNair
Ginni and Richard Mithoff
Bobbie and John Nau
Susan and Mike Padon
Betsy and Charles D. Powell
Pat and Tom Powers*
Leslie and Abbott Sprague
Pamela and Ronald Sterlekar
Jane and Charles Szalkowski*
Ann G. Trammell

*denotes an additional gift to KDS beyond Lifetime membership
Sponsor ($10,000 - $24,999)  
Sue Nan and Rod Cutsinger
Anne and Charles Duncan
Lisa and Kevin Fleetwood
Benefactor ($5,000 - $9,999)  
Jane and Bill Joplin
Kate and Woody Scott
H. Richard Walton
Patron ($2,400 - $4,999)  

Julie and Drew Alexander
Pam and Murray Brasseux
Adrienne and Dr. Oscar Bukstein
Andrea and Bob Crawmer
Susan and Ignatius Distefano
Ann A. Eutsler
Mary and Jim Henderson

Debbi Johnstone and Carlos Holguin
Flo and Bill McGee
Karen Minich
Gloria Sanders
Cheryl and William Turcotte

Friend ($1,250 - $2,399)  

Cecily and Rick Burleson
Barbara Chiles
Nancy I. Cook, Ph.D.
Karey and Phillip Dye
Mary and Stephen Dyer
Renee and Gerald Gehm
Carrie M. Horne
Gwendolyn A. Huskey
Amy and Scot Johnson
Sara and Jim Ledbetter
Pam Lovett



Margot and Jon** Madsen
SuEllen and Curtis Mooney
Sara and Bill Morgan
Roxann and Tim Neumann
C.N. and Maria Papadopoulos Charitable Foundation
Lynn and Bill Rafferty
Wanda Woody-Roberts and Mark Roberts
Mary Eliza and Park Shaper
Barbara and Louis Sklar
John E. Stokes
Kelley and Harper Trammel