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DePelchin's 125th Birthday Celebration

Every child needs a family. Kezia DePelchin knew this when she accepted three abandoned children into her care in 1892.  Recognizing a need in nineteenth century Houston, Kezia opened her Faith Home – now DePelchin Children’s Center – saying she would rely on her faith in God and the good people of Houston to support her cause.  On May 2, 2017, DePelchin will celebrate 125 years (to the day) of DePelchin Children’s Center and the thousands of children and families who have been forever blessed by Kezia’s legacy. 

We invite you to become a part of our city’s history as we celebrate this unique achievement and DePelchin Children’s Center’s continuing commitment to Family Ever After!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017
6:30 p.m. at the Marriott Marquis

Gala Chairman: Laura Bellows
Executive Committee: Pam Brasseux, Emily Crosswell, Flo McGee  and Pam Lovett
Underwriting Co-Chairs: Laurie Dorfman, Anne Duncan and Susan L. Padon
Underwriting Committee: Sue Nan Cutsinger, Ginni Mithoff and Lisa Stone
Honorees: Past Board Chairman of DePelchin Board of Directors

1892-1894, 1908                Mrs. T.W. House*
1895, 1901, 1906-1907      Mrs. Charles Stewart*
1896, 1909-1912                Mrs. B.F. Weems*
1897-1899                          Mrs. Charles House*
1904-1905                          Mrs. Charles Dillingham*
1919, 1925                         Mrs. Elliot Cage*
1920-1922, 1926                Mrs. A. S. O’Brien*
1923                                   Mrs. Max Taub*
1924                                   Mrs. W. B. Williams*
1927                                   Mrs. Ralph B. Feagin*
1928-1929                          Mrs. Rufus Cage*
1930-1932                          Mrs. D. C. Glenn*
1933-1948                          Ben Taub*
1949-1972                          H. Malcolm Lovett*
1973, 1977-1983                William R. Choate*
1975-1976                          James U. Teague*
1985-1989                          H. Malcolm Lovett, Jr.
1990-1992                          Anne Duncan
1993-1994                          Robert W. Phillips
1995-1996                          Jesse H. Jones, II
1997-1998                          Tom Brotherton
1998                                   John Stokes
1999-2001                          Paul Sarvadi
2002-2003                          Charles Szalkowski
2004-2005                          Flo McGee
2006-2007                          Tom Bellows*
2007-2009                          Jim Henderson
2010-2011                          Debbi Johnstone
2012-2013                          Pam Lovett
2014-2015                          Charles Powell
2016-2017                          John Bass